World of Darkness III: The Fall of Atlanta

Episode One Recap

Siobhan encountered a wounded man in the Five Points MARTA station who identified himself as Perry. He passed a package off to her and asked her to keep it hidden before stumbling away from her. As she left the station, Siobhan witnessed three pale, cold-blooded looking thugs enter the station and take off after Perry. They clearly had unpleasant plans for the wounded man.

Brody’s flight from Portland arrived in Atlanta around 2:30 in the morning. He was surprised to find Mark Mann waiting for him at baggage claim. Mark took Brody to a car. He explained to Brody that there were territories in the city now no longer under Prince Gregori’s control, and that Mark had allies in those areas. After learning Brody was returning to Atlanta, he arranged with his contacts for a room at a motel in one of those territories so that Brody could be safe while in town for Daphne’s funeral.

After settling into his motel room, Brody received a phone call from Marcus St. John, a Carpathian Primogen and proprietor of The Convent night club. He asked that Brody come to the club to meet with him. After considering that Marcus and Gregori shared a known rivalry, Brody agreed.

While on his way home from dropping Brody off at the motel, Mark received a call to come to the Five Points station. There, MARTA police were already cordoning off a crime scene: Perry’s mutilated corpse. Nosferatu agents within MARTA P.D. gave Mark access to the crime scene. His investigations determined that the killing was definitely carried out by vampires. He also noted the man had no identifying markers on his person, including driver’s license or photo I.D., except for a simple silver ring of alternating peridots and amethysts.

Siobhan was awakened from her sleep beneath the MARTA tracks by Mark who, knowing the homeless Sionhan essentially lived near where the killing occurred, interrogated her to find out if she saw anything. She told him about the three men that were pursuing Perry, but she did not tell him about her conversation with the man or the package he gave to her. In order to keep an eye on her, Mark invited her back to his condo to stay.

At The Convent, Brody found Marcus waiting with Gregori. The Prince was none too pleased to see him, but Marcus had given his word no blood would be spilled in his club. Gregori interrogated Brody about why he had returned to the city against the Prince’s decree. When Brody explained he was only there for the funeral of a friend, Gregori agreed to give him leave of the city for no more than 24 hours after the funeral ended. He told Brody that if he stayed in the city for longer than that, he would be hunted down by the Prince’s agents and killed.

Brody attended Daphne’s funeral. There he met her brother, Jonathan, for the first time. Jonathan told Brody that the coroner’s report said Daphne had died of a drug overdose, but that he did not believe it could be true. There was no way Daphne did drugs. The two men exchanged contact information, and promised to keep each other informed if they learned or thought of anything that might make things more clear.

After the funeral, Jonathan contacted the coroner to set up a meeting. He wanted to discuss, in person, the details of the report concerning Daphne’s death. An appointment was made for 2:00pm the next day.

In Piedmont Park, Siobhan made contact with another Atlanta area fae by the name of Kip. He took a nearly instant liking to her and invited her to meet up with him later at the Georgia Aquarium, where he would introduce her to others of their kind that he considered friends.

Brody found and interrogated the embalmer who worked on Daphne’s body. He learned from the embalmer that Daphne had far less blood in her body than she should have that there were fresh track marks in both of her arms.

Jonathan received a phone call from Brody who wanted to go to The Gilded Cage, the club where Daphne worked, to interrogate other dancers, and he asked if Jonathan wanted to go along. At the club, the two men confirmed among Daphne’s coworkers that Daphne did not do drugs, and also hinted that she may have had a stalker—a “strange, creepy guy” had been hanging out in the club a lot and trying to monopolize her attention.

When Siobhan arrived at the Georgia Aquarium and met with Kip and his friends, she had to go through a metal detector before entering and also have her bag emptied and checked. Rather than allow the object she had been given by Perry to be exposed, she decided not to go and left.

Back at her home near the MARTA tracks, Siobhan unwrapped the package Perry had given her and got her first good look at it. Inside was a hand carved, ancient looking stone disk with a strange, chicken-scratch like cuneiform script and an etching in the center of what appeared to be a lighthouse or some kind of tower.


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