The End is Near…

Opening Titles

In 2003, a sadistic killer’s twisted games led Mark Mann to take his own daughter’s life and drew him into Atlanta’s world of darkness. His friend, detective Brody Pitt, was sebsequently banished from the city for his role in the death of Calanthea, a Primogen to Atlanta’s Kindred and childe of their leader, Prince Gregori DuBois. He knows that to return to Atlanta is to court death.

In that same year, in Arizona, bounty hunters lost their lives recovering a wealthy businessman’s missing daughter, taken hostage in a rural high school massacre. Their task set into motion a sequence of events which drew a newly formed, untested and untried, pack of Forsaken werewolves into a grudge match against a band of Pure.

Now, in 2012, the funeral of Brody’s former lover, Daphne Parsa, has brought the detective back to his old home and things have changed. Prince Gregori’s hold on the city is slipping. Brody’s old friend Mark has made powerful new friends—friends who may be the detective’s only hope of surviving long enough to pay his respects and work with Daphne’s brother, Jonathan, to solve the mystery of her death. And a young Changeling, in the wrong place at the wrong time, has become the clandestine caretaker of a powerful secret…

The Fall of Atlanta is the third, and final, part in a trilogy of World of Darkness campaigns begun in 2003, drawing together two seemingly unconnected stories and bringing them, at long last, to a close. One way or another, for better or for worse, the end is near.

World of Darkness III: The Fall of Atlanta

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